2021 D67 ONLINE Annual Conference

2021 D67 線上年度大會

2021-04-17 9:30-16:30


聯絡方式:Simone Nash, DTM, Online Conference Manager Doris Kuo, DTM, Program Quality Director

[English below]
2021年67區線上年度大會,即將到來! 2021年4月17日!
Pres Vasilev, 2013年世界公開演講的冠軍,是一個職業級的演講者以及教練。他將告訴我們公開演說的秘密。幫助我們找到我們故事的亮點。同場加碼,我們將會有現場跟世界冠軍選手即席問答的機會,並在他的專題演講結束之後,立即跟他在線上聊天。
Davis Nguyen 在18歲的時候得到耶魯大學還有哈佛大學全額獎學金,在24歲的時候成為Tedx的講者,並且在26歲的時候成為一個國際公司的CEO。他將分享他成功的秘密並且告訴我們如何用這個秘密來達成你人生中的目標,增進你的健康,銀行存款以及你的幸福。
四種語言的教育訓練講師都是強中之強,英文的教育訓練講題:像鷹一樣地飛翔,是由Mike Honda主講。他要教我們如何從A到A+。中文的教育訓練是由李海碩主講,講題:那些年我在演講會學到的事。台語的教育工作坊講師:陳麗紅,講題:講出優美的台語。日語教育訓練講師,Kaori Tsuyama, 講題:日文的神秘魔力。
專業的口譯人員,會走路的翻譯機,Howard Chien 和Amy Tang 將為兩位專題講師在Zoom做同步口譯工作。只要在Zoom上選擇中文的翻譯即可。
Dear Club Presidents, and VPEs,
2021 District 67 Online Annual Conference is coming! April 17, 2021!
Thanks to the online conference, we’re making the impossible possible!
Register here to save your spot (limited number of attendees, priority for D67 members): https://tinyurl.com/D67-Conference-Register
Pres Vasilev, 2013 World Champion of Public Speaking, is a professional speaker and coach. He will reveal the secrets of storytelling to help us find the glory in our stories. We will have live Q&A with the champion as well as the opportunity to chat with him right after the keynote speech! Wow!
Davis Nguyen received scholarships from Yale and Harvard at 18, became a TEDx speaker at 24, and a CEO at 26. He will share “the secret” to his success and how you can use this “secret” to achieve your goals in life; improving your health, your bank account, or your happiness. Wow!
The four language educational trainers are the best of the best. English training - Fly Like An Eagle by Mike Honda, about going from good to great; Chinese training - What I Learned From Contests by Haishuo Lee; Taiwanese training - The Beauty of the Taiwanese Language by Chen Li Hong; and Japanese training - The Magic Power of Japanese by Kaori Tsuyama. Can’t wait for this? Hey! There is more! Wow!
Professional interpreters, Howard Chien and Amy Tang will do the simultaneous interpretation in Zoom webinar for the two keynote speakers. Just choose the Chinese audio channel in Zoom to hear the Chinese version of the keynote speeches. Technology + talent equals excellence. Wow!
Let’s learn from all the top speakers! Mark the date 4/17 for Toastmasters learning!
Check out the 2021 Annual Conference website for all the details
Doris Kuo, DTM, Program Quality Director
Simone Nash, DTM, PWMENTORPGM (2021 Online Conference Manager)