English - D67 Pathways Online Interactive Training - Diana Watson Interview- 5-in-1 Contest Winning Speech Skills!

英文 - D67 Pathways互動式線上培訓 - 唐華瑄 面談 - 5合1演講比賽獲勝技巧!

2020-12-19 8:00 - 9:00 pm


語言:英文 English

聯絡方式:Simone Nash, DTM

報名截止日Deadline 2020-12-20

目前報名人數 50

Effective Body Language

Connect with your audience

Connect with Storytelling

Understanding Vocal Variety

Know Your Sense of Humor


5-in-1 Contest Winning Speech Skills!


In-depth Interview with Diana Watson, DTM, District 67 English International Speech & Chinese Humorous Speech Champion!


Using the Pathways Elective Project ‘Prepare for an Interview’, Diana will be interviewed by Simone Nash, DTM!


We’ll hear about all of Diana’s championship speaking skills by analyzing her winning 2018 Chinese Humorous Speech “Am I Strange?” (“我很奇怪嗎?”). We’ll focus on the 5-in-1 Winning Speech Skills to help you win your next speech contest!


Watch the famous speech again! (with English subtitles) --- almost 2 MILLION VIEWS! 



It’s contest season…time to prepare our speech script, so use this great opportunity to pick the brain of a champion!


Want to learn in moments of enjoyment? Register now and see you Saturday December 19, 8:00-9:00pm! Zoom room opens 7:30pm! Diana and Simone will be waiting for you!