English - D67 Pathways Online Interactive Training - Moderate Panel Discussion with D67 Champions

英文 - D67 Pathways互動式線上培訓 單元示範- 主持小組專題討論 - D67 演講冠軍

2020-09-12 8:00 - 9:00 pm

https://zoom.us/j/95095767537 ZOOM WEBINAR - ID 95095767537 (no password)

語言:英文 English

聯絡方式:Organizer & Moderator: Simone Nash, DTM

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Zoom Webinar ID: 95095767537

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Simone Nash is going to moderate an ONLINE PANEL DISCUSSION this Saturday, 9/12 at 8pm - 

What Makes a Championship Speech?

We will discuss Mike Carr's winning speech and also what are the qualities of a Championship speech.

5 District 67 International Speech Champions will be the panelists, Josh Myers, Diana Watson, Haishuo Lee, Anson Sat, Paul Sharpe!

It's guaranteed to be full of learning and fun!

Level 5 Elective project demo - Moderate a Panel Discussion

Do your homework first - watch Mike Carr's Championship Speech: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TA7awoBxBxc&t=260s


各位親愛的 Toastmasters 會員朋友們,

本週六 9/12 晚上八點Simone Nash要主持一場線上主持小組專題討論,主題是演講冠軍剖析冠軍演講」

這次線上座談來賓是5位 67地區演講冠軍, Josh Myers, Diana Watson, Haishuo Lee, Anson Sat, Paul Sharpe!!!

我們將會討論 Mike Carr 的奪冠演講,且冠軍演講的必要元素。


等級5 選修單元示範 - 主持小組專題討論

座談會預習作業- 參加前請先看 Mike Carr的冠軍演講

Translation credit: Richard Lo, DTM