2018 Division B, F, I, J, L Speech Contest Judge Training

2018 B, F, I, J, L 部演講比賽裁判訓練

2018-11-25 12:30-16:30

台中市南屯區東興路一段450號 愛心家園301室 愛心家園301室

語言:中文為主 英文為輔

聯絡方式:Hsiao Ping Div-B Director,B部執行長 蕭平 hsiao.ping7830@gmail.com Alina Lai Area B2 Director B2區執行長 賴淑芬 alina_lai@yahoo.com.tw

報名截止日Deadline 2018-11-15

目前報名人數 100



Person in Charge/Title

12:30-13:00 (30’)

Registration 註冊報到

Alina Lai 賴淑芬, Area B2 Director

13:00-13:03 (3’)

Training Chair’s Opening Remarks & Division Directors’ brief greetings

訓練大會主席開場演說(1’)與各部總監歡迎詞 (30”)

Hsiao Ping 蕭平, Training Chair, and

Division F, I, J, L Directors

13:03-13:05 (2’)

Training Master Opening 訓練主持人開場

Julius Yeh 葉俊億, Training Master

13:05-13:20 (15’)

Roles at Speech Contest & Their Duties


Estela Chen 陳松梅, DTM

13:20-13:45 (25’)

Judging Criteria 演講比賽評分標準

- General Criteria 通則

- International Speech Contest


- Evaluation Contest & Table Topics Contest


Lisa Fang 方麗慈, CC, CL

District Administration Manager, 2018-2019

13:45-14:00 (15’)

Judging Practices at Speech Contests


- Introduction of Judge’s Guide & Ballot

- Suggested Methods for Using the Guide

- Notices for Judges

陳玉珠, CL

Division F Director, 2018-2019

14:00-14:25 (25’)

Evaluation Contest Judging Practice


  • Hands-on judging practice with contest videos
  • Announce contest results
  • Analysis of contest results

Bruce Yang 楊博志, DTM

14:25-14:40 (15’)

* Group Photo & Intermission 拍團體照,中場休息*

14:40-14:55 (15’)

Characteristics of Competent Judges 


Judging vs Evaluating

Required qualities of a good judge

Barriers to objectivity, and misconceptions

Sam Hung 洪昆山, DTM

District Association Secretary, 2018-2019

14:55-15:55 (60’)

International Speech contest Judging Practice / 演講比賽評分演練

  • Practice giving points to each speaker in the suggested methods
  • Practice filling out the judge’s ballot

Mock Contest Master: Julius Yeh

Mock Contest Chief Judge: Jimmy Tsai蔡源政, CC, CL, Division L Director, 2018-2019

15:55-16:05 (10’)

Presentation of Certificates and Awards to Speakers 頒發感謝狀與獎狀給演講者

Julius Yeh, Training Master

16:05-16:25 (20’)

Panel Discussion on Judging Practices

評分實務座談 (The Effects of Judging Practices on Contest Results)

  • Selecting a panel of shrewd judges

裁判遴選 黃麗芬

  • Assessment of the judging methods

評分方法評估 吳天勝

  • How to rid ourselves, as judges, of barriers to objectivity 裁判如何維持公平公正 黃俊卿
  • Q&A

Panel Moderator: Julius Yeh


Tension Wu, 吳天勝 DTM,

Program Quality Director,D67 2018-2019

黃麗芬, DTM

黃俊卿, CC, 臺中臺語演講會會長,2018-2019


16:25-16:30 (5’)

Presentation of Certificates and Closing Remarks


Hsiao Ping 蕭平, Training Chair


Adjournment 結束

Division B, F, I, J, L Directors

N.B. All the event participants and their vehicles MUST leave the Love Home premises by 5 p.m. 五點務必撤場完畢。