Division BIL 1st Officer Trainning

Division BIL 1st Officer Trainning

2018-08-05 13:00 - 16:30

台中市南屯區東興路一段450號 B1 (Love Home 愛心家園)

語言:English 英文

聯絡方式:Division B Director: HP hsiao.ping7830@gmail.com 0972-105-505 Area B1 Director Celia cnndance5@gmail.com 0912-552-935

報名截止日Deadline 2018-08-03

目前報名人數 149






Registration & Reception 註冊報到與聯誼

Celia Chang / B1 Area Director   


Call meeting to order 會議開始

Ping Hsiao / Division B Director (1’)

Pauline Szu / Division I Director (1’)

Jimmy Tsai / Division L Director (1’)


Training Chair Opening Remarks & Welcome


Simone Nash, DTM ​吳慧妮

(District Director 2018-2019 )


Training Master Opening  幹部訓練主持人開場

Robert Macias, TTC President


Team Building Activity 暖身活動

Josh Myers, I2 Area Director

13:30-13:55 (25’)

Resources on Toastmasters WHQ&D67 Web sites(15’)

Pathways(10’)  網路運用

Lisa Fang, CC, CL 方麗慈

District Administration Manager 2018-2019

13:55-14:15 (20’)

A Successful Officer Team   成功的幹部團隊

Matthew Mak, DTM, ​麥譽耀

(Club Growth Director 2018-2019)

14:15-14:35 (20’)

Creating a Quality Club  成就有品質的分會

 Club SWOT analysis (in Mandarin 以國語進行)

Tension Wu, DTM, ​吳天勝                

(Program Quality Director 2018-2019)

14:35-15:05 (30’)

Group Discussion/第一場團體討論

Focus on strength and opportunity

Pauline Szu, CC,CL,司慧如                

Division I Director

15:05-15:20 (15’)

*** Intermission 中場休息和交流聯誼 ***


15:20-15:40 (20)

Leading the Club to Success  帶領分會邁向成功

Simone Nash, DTM 吳慧妮

(District Director 2018-2019)

15:40-15:50 (10’)

DCP Club Discussions and Reports              


Celia Chang / B1 area director

Reporter: area director

15:50-16:20 (30’)

Achieving Success As A Club Officer

做一個成功的分會幹部 (報告討論, 分享, 和實作)   

1)Group discussion分組討論:

a) Orientation for new officers & experience sharing 小組長經驗分享(10’)

2)New Officer Group discussions新幹部討論(10’)

3)Individual group reports - 各分組代表報告(10’)


Master: Amy Yeh / I1 area director

President: Andrew M. Bott / L1 area director

VPE: Peter Ting / Div-B DCG

VPM: Josh Myers / I2 area director

VPPR: Joey Dylan Lin / L2 area director

Secretary: Lester Lee / B3 area director

Treasurer: Tony Wang / I3 area director

SAA: Clare Chang / L3 area director

16:20 - 16:30 (10’)

Closing Comment & Group photo


District Director

Simone Nash, DTM


Training Adjourned 訓練結束


N.B. All the event participants and their vehicles MUST leave the Love Home premises by 5pm. 五點務必撤場完畢