Division C&H&N 2nd Officer Training

C, H, N部 第二次分會幹部訓練

2018-01-27 8:50AM ~ 12:00PM

臺北市內湖區洲子街12號2樓 Taipei Co-Space (near Gang Qian MRT Station) 臺北創新實驗室 (Tel: (02) 87515627 ext. 10,近捷運港墘站)


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報名截止日Deadline 2018-01-26

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Saturday, January 27, 2018

  Time 時間:

8:50AM ~ 12:00PM

  Venue 地點:

Taipei Co-Space (near Gang Qian MRT Station) 臺北創新實驗室 (Tel: (02) 87515627 ext. 10,近捷運港墘站)

  Address 地址:

2F, No. 12, Zhouzi St., Neihu Dist., Taipei City臺北市內湖區洲子街12號2樓

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  Organizer 主辦單位:

Division C & H & N


C, H, N每分會NT$300 (非屬C, H, N部會員:每人NT$100). Please register in advance by 1/25 to facilitate seat arrangements and refreshments請務必事先報名登記,以利安排座位、點心 (報名截止日期:2018/1/25前;額滿為止)


*** Four club officers are required to attend both 1st and 2nd officer trainings to achieve one DCP point.



Session Name

Session Master

8:50 ~ 9:20


Div. C、H、N

9:20 ~ 9:22

Call meeting to Order


9:22 ~ 9:25

Opening Remarks

Gloria Chen, Matthew Mak, Leaf Lu

9:25 ~ 9:30

Master of Training

Ivy Yang


Introduce Timer:

Timer (TBD)

9:30 ~ 9:50

What is Pathways? 

Rolling Out in April, 2018! Are you ready?

Peggy Chang

9:50 ~ 10:10

Building on Achievement for Continued Success

Simone Nash, PQD, DTM

10:10 ~ 10:30

Keeping the Enthusiasm

Joseph Calpin

10:30 ~ 10:45

Intermission with Refreshments

10:45~11:05 Table Topics: Moments of Truth

Matthew Mak

11:05~11:25 Maximizing Benefits of Being a Club Officer

Eric Ma


DCP Discussion & Report (2 min for each area)

** Clubs Are Requested to Bring Recently

Reviewed/ Updated DCP Plans ** 

Area Directors

11:50 ~ 12:00

Feedback & Appreciation & Group picture

Gloria Chen, Matthew Mak, Leaf Lu


Training Adjourned

Reminder of Afternoon Leadership Enhancement Training

Stage II: How to Conduct Effective Meetings - starts 13:00