2017-2018 District Officer Mid-Year Training & Excom Meeting

2017-2018 總會幹部年中訓練&執委會

2018-01-13 早上9:30至下午17:20 (9:00-9:30 報到)

11677 臺北市文山區汀州路四段88號 國立臺灣師範大學. 研究大樓視聽教室S102

語言:中文為主(mainly Mandarin)

聯絡方式:Simone Nash, DTM, PQD simonenash.tm@gmail.com 0983636670

報名截止日Deadline 2018-01-13

目前報名人數 60

Date & Time日期時間:

January 13, 2018 (Saturday) 9:00 - 17:20

一月十三 (六) 九點至五點二十分


11677 臺北市文山區汀州路四段88號

國立臺灣師範大學, 研究大樓視聽教室S102


Mostly Mandarin中文為主

Organizer 主辦單位 :

District 67臺灣總會



Committee Chairs (afternoon), Division Directors and Area Directors



Lunch box will be provided 提供餐盒



District will subsidize HSR train fare (not including other travelling expenses) for division or area directors from outside Taipei). 總會將補貼自台北以外的分部/區執行長來開會幹部的高鐵費用(其他交通費用恕不補助)


District 67 Mid-year Training 總會年中教育訓練



Person in charge人員

9:00 (30’)

Registration & Reception 註冊報到


9:30 (5’)

Words of Welcome & Opening Remarks


Trini Ding, DTM, DD

丁海華 總會長

9:35 (10’)

Warm Up熱場活動

Angel Li, DTM

9:45 (15’)

Trio Reports 總會三長報告

– current status & 2nd half term focus 現況&下半年焦點

District Trio總會三長

10:00 (60’)

Division Reports (template will be provided)分部報告

- Activities & Achievements Recap 1’活動&成就簡述

- Good Practices Sharing 2’ 良好經驗分享

- Support needed 2’ 需要支援

Division Directors (5 min each)

部執行長 (每部5分鐘)

11:00 (15’)

Break 中場休息

(Refreshment 茶點)

11:15 (60’)

Workshop: How to Balance Toastmasters with Work and Life for Success in District Leadership

工作坊: 如何在總會領導職責中取得演講會和職涯成功的平衡點

Ligo Wang, DTM, Region 13 Advisor

王育梅 第十三區區域顧問

12:15 (60’)

Lunch 午餐


13:15 (40’)

 Enhance Club Quality 提升分會品質

 – Case Study of Successful Application of MOT at Club Level


–  Group discussion & Action Planning 分組討論&行動計畫

Simone Nash, DTM, PQD

吳慧妮 總會課程品質執行長

13:55 (50’)

How to Build New Healthy Clubs (including how to

 deal with the balance for supporting weak clubs and

 new clubs – best practices from Region 13)

 如何創立 健康新分會(包括如何達到支援弱會和新會


 - Workshop 工作坊

 - Q&A 10’  問答

Ligo Wang, DTM, Region 13 Advisor

王育梅 第十三區區域顧問

14:45 (5’)



14:50 (20’)

 Develop Successful Teams 發展成功團隊

Trini Ding, DTM, DD

丁海華 總會長

15:10 (50’)

Action Planning for the 2nd Half Term (template will be

 provided based on Division & Area Success Plan)

 下半年度行動計畫 (將依成功分部&分區計畫提供表格)

 - Review goals & current status 檢視目標&現況

 - How to achieve final goals 如何達到最終目標

Simone Nash, DTM, PQD

吳慧妮 總會課程品質執行長

Tension Wu, DTM, CGD

吳天勝 總會分會成長執行長


Training Adjournment & Group Photo 團體照後散會  

16:15 – 17:00  3rd Excom Meeting 第三次執委會議

17:00 – 17:20  Association Meeting

(separate agendas will be provided)


Transportation details & map:





District 67 Mid-year Training

Guest Trainer & Workshop Introduction

LIGO WANG, DTM, Region 13 Advisor


Ligo Wang, DTM, Region 13 Region Advisor

Past District Governor, TOASTMASTERS INTERNATIONAL Districts 85 & 89

Chief Pathways Ambassador of District 89

District 89 Division E, Area E2 A.A.C.T.P GZ Toastmasters Club

Brief Self-introduction

Region 13 Region Advisor 2017-2018

Past District Governor, TOASTMASTERS INTERNATIONAL Districts 85 & 89

Chief Pathways Ambassador of District 89

Toastmasters International President Citation award 2014

President of China, A.A.C.T.P (America Association of Certificate Training Program)

Certificated Trainer of THU (Tsinghai University)

Master Trainer of NLP University

Master of Business Administration, Sun Yat-Sen University & MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology)

Co-Author & Translator of 《LEAD NOW!-A personal Leadership Coaching Guide for Result-Driven Leaders》

12 years professional Trainer and Coach of Leadership Development


Education Category

Leadership Development


January 13, 2018   11:15 a.m. - 12:15 p.m.


How to Balance Toastmasters with Work and Life for Success in District Leadership


To help Toastmasters leaders to find their balance between Toastmasters and their real life, through concept change and knowing how to influence others to work together as a team.

  -  In Toastmasters we are not here for serving others

  -  A leader is not only a good doer, more importantly the leader can lead others through difficulty.

  -  Well-formed outcomes.

  -  How to use your time wisely.

Workshop Intro

Toastmasters is not a place for perfect people, Toastmasters is a place for people who want to be perfect.                                            ——Daniel Rex , CEO of Toastmasters International

Do you have to have a team to be a Leader?

Leading by example. As a leader you need to lead others, however, are you competent to lead yourself, to demonstrate the competency as an effective leader?

How to practice your personal inference and Leadership skill in the great platform of Toastmasters International?


Ligo Wang, from a new member of Toastmasters in 2006, through her 12-year leadership journey in Toastmasters, currently she serves as Region 13 Advisor to support leadership development of 10 Districts including China, Taiwan and Korea, Japan, India and Sri Lanka.

In the workshop, she will share her secret recipe of the simple and powerful 5 steps to find the balance of Toastmasters in your real life.


Education Category

Toastmasters Marketing Program


January 13, 2018   13:55  - 14:45 p.m.


How to Build New Healthy Clubs


To Build a Healthy New Club is the Way to Rebuild Dying Clubs.

Workshop Intro

As CGD in 2009, District 85 had 33% net club growth.

As DD in 2011, with support of the whole District, District 85 built 20+ new clubs within 3 months.

As a member from 2012 to 2017, Ligo sponsored and built 14 Chinese Trainer’s clubs in China.

Is it a myth or is there a success formula on how to effectively build new clubs?

Ligo will share with you her five steps to Cultivating a HEALTHY New Club, to support the building of a new club, and to understand that what you can gain is much more than just building a new club.