Club Banner Ordering in Taiwan

If your club, area or division still has the old style logo banner, please consider replacing it with the new TI logo banner. Now you don't have to order it from the U.S. because we have an approved local banner manufacturer.
This is the approved supplier:
雙人企業   (製作演講會會旗之合格廠商)
地址: 彰化市中央路184號15F - 4
聯絡人:  Dido Chen 陳雅芬
tel : 04-761-8337
All you need to do is write an email to Dido Chen (they can read and reply in English or Chinese) and give her the details of your banner.
The price is NT$1000 net (includes delivery charge). Make sure you ask for the receipt to be sent to you when you email Alice.
Since it is important to maintain a STANDARD for our banners, please follow the following approved standard banners format and information content:
Feel free to contact me if you would like to confirm anything regarding the banners.
Richard Lo, DTM
D67 行政長 Administration Manager
District 67, Toastmasters International


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