Facebook: Toastmasters Outing and Party 台灣活動與派對

Updated Date: 2018-02-19

Toastmasters can bring you much more fun. You also can make a lot of friends.

Find the Facebook fan page: “District 67 Taiwan Toastmasters Outing and Party 台灣活動與派對”

It is easy to search on Google or Facebook with keyword “Toastmasters outing”.


For those who love outing and parties, kindly feel free to and join us no matter you are a Toastmaster or not.

For Toastmasters, we build this page for all of Toastmasters clubs. Do not hesitate to post your outing and party events on this fan page no matter what language you use, let other people know and come to join.


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請按讚加入我們的Facebook粉絲專頁:“District 67 Taiwan Toastmasters Outing and Party台灣活動與派對”

在Google或Facebook尋找關鍵詞 “Toastmasters outing” 很容易就可搜尋得到。