2021 D67 Online Annual Conference 線上年度大會

Updated Date: 2021-02-24


Dear Club presidents, Vice Presidents, District officers, Good Morning!

2020-2021 年度的全國年會改為線上辦理。
2020-2021 Annual conference will be Online.
Reasons are as follows,
1. The uncertainty of the pandemic, Covid-19, did affect the willingness of members' participation to achieve the budget balance, which is 550 people attendance.
2. Either we postpone the conference or have a smaller size, we still face the uncertainty. Not knowing the future situation.
3. Now we are about to have the 4th conference preparation meeting, and the cost will be increasing sharply. Now we only have spent 3024NT. 
(2)4/17(六)上午開幕典禮+專題演講 2013年世界冠軍Pres Vasilev +線上英語(Mike Honda)+台語(陳麗紅)
(3)4/17(六)下午線上國語(李海碩)日語(津山香織)+專題演講 TEDx Davis Nguyen+閉幕頒獎
P.S.#1 同時直播 (同時直播 (只有第一專題演講沒有直播)。
P.S.#2 4/17(六)上午 和 下午 英語專題演講 將提供中文口譯
How will we conduct the conference online?
1. On April 16, Friday night, we will have online TMs council meeting, online member representatives TMs meeting and online association TMs meeting.
2. On April 17, Opening ceremony +Keynote International speaker +English Educational Training by Mike Honda +Taiwanese Educational Training by LiHong Chen. (morning)
3. On April 17, Chinese Educational Training by Haishuo Lee_+ Japanese Educational Training by ChinShan ShanZie.
P.S.#1 Live Streaming will be provided for all sessions except the keynote speech by World Champion Pres Vasilev. 
P.S. #2 Chinese interpretation will be provided for the 4/17 morning & afternoon English keynote speeches.
(3) 開會和訓練時間分開,讓會員可以享受教育訓練所有課程。也可以廣邀親朋好友來賓,一起線上參加台灣年會。
1. No cost needed. Enjoy the conference without the trouble of transportation, just need the stable wifi connection.
2. If the pandemic gets better, you can still find a place to get together with your clubs, areas, divisions and even unite some divisions to share a big screen. 
3. Separating the meetings and trainings enables members to enjoy all the training courses. Meanwhile, it's a good chance to invite friends, families and guest to join Taiwan's annual conference.
1. Let's create a cheerful, interactive atmosphere online. Encourage members to learn from masters and get together with TMs fellows.
2. Target participants is 500. 
Let's prepare a joyful mind, expecting our very first online annual conference!
Written by PQD Doris Kuo, DTM 課程品質執行長郭麗琴撰寫 Updated by Simone Nash, DTM, 2021 D67 Online Annual Conference Manager 2021 年度大會主席吳慧妮更新 2021/2/23