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2022年度大會變更為線上 2022 Annual Conference Will Be Virtual


近日疫情全台大爆發,接下來的年度大會是否實體舉辦,許多會友十分擔心後續的發展。我們利用 4 月 9 日的第六次年度大會籌備會開會討論,大家腦力激盪出最佳應對模式。並在隔天 4 月 10 日的緊急部執行長會議中佈達給總會部及以上執行長,年度大會更改為線上模式。 我們可以享受不受疫情影響的學習生活。時間暫定為一週。於 5 月 16 日至 5 月 21 日的晚上時間,每天 兩小時,線上共學。 更多詳細的後續規劃事項,包含如何退款,如何將我們已經支出的款項打平,議程的安排等等,我們會盡快定案。

Dear All Toastmasters officers and members,

The severe breakout of COVID-19 recently in Taiwan has our members worried. Whether the annual conference should proceed to be in-person has been a big challenge for all of us. We took the chance to discuss this in the 6th conference preparation meeting on 4/9, and we concluded that we will hold it online. The safety of our members is our top priority. 

We have also announced the change to all our division directors the next day on 4/10. Holding the conference virtually will ensure that we will be able to keep learning and growing, while staying safe. We have tentatively set the time of the conference from 5/15 to 5/21. It will last for a week and be 2 hours each evening. 

Further details will be announced soon, including how to refund your tickets, how we plan to break even the expenses we have already incurred and the conference agenda, etc. We will finalize it as soon as possible.

Thank you for your support, patience, understanding and cooperation. 

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