2016-2017 D67 台灣總會會員及分會成長獎勵計畫

發佈日期: 2017-01-06

There is some good news to share with you! The District has developed a membership and club growth incentive program for our clubs/Areas/Divisions for this term (2016-2017).  Please carefully read the content of the incentive program to ensure you do not miss the great  benefits! 有數項好消息和大家分享。今年(2016-2017) 總會決議數項獎勵計畫給各分會/分區/分部。請注意以下內容, 以便確保您不會遺漏這好消息及其益處!

This is the incentive application form link

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Best regards,

Simone Nash 吳慧妮, DTM
Club Growth Director 2016-2017
District 67, Toastmasters International
2016-2017 推廣副總會長
Cell: 0983-636-670
LINE: simonenash_tm
Skype: tm_nash