Members' Name Badge Subsidy

Posted Date: 2017-03-13

Application Form

~~~  Members' Name Badge Subsidy ~~~~

~~~ 會員名牌補助辦法 ~~~


District 67 subsidizes its members cost of a new badge if the members achieve one or more educational achievements (such as CC, CL, ACB, ACS, ACG, ALB, ALS, DTM) between the date July 1 and June 30 of the term.

台灣總會補助會員教育榮銜名牌(例如:  CC, ACB, ABS, ABG, CL, ALB, ALS, DTM) 的購買,凡當屆7月1日至6月30日止達到新的教育成就榮銜的會員皆可申請補助新名牌。 


Each club, Area, or Division is responsible to purchase for their members from below TI website. / shop / (type) badge.

General members’ badges are blue (upper part) & white (lower part), DTM badges are yellow (upper part) & red (lower part).  Please see attached two pictures.

由各會、或各區、各部在世界總會網站自行買或合購。 / shop / (打入) badge




Regardless of the number of achievements of each member, one member is entitled to receive the subsidy for one badge only. The reimbursement application form shall be submitted to the District by the members’ club, or area, or division with the purchasing receipt showing the amount from Toastmasters International and the badge application form as attached.  District reimbursement form can be downloaded from below link :

每位會員不論其新得教育榮銜多寡,當屆補助以一個名牌為限,由會員所屬分會或其區總監或其部總監集中向總會申請,申請需填寫附件之表格,並附上世界總會顯示金額的收據,並填寫總會的”墊款請償單” (可在以下會網站連結下載)。


District will subsidize the cost of badge only. Shipping, handling, tax and other costs will not be subsidized.  The amount to be reimbursed will be NT$ equivalent to the cost of the badge shown on the receipt of Toastmasters International.



The date of application starts at July 1 of the term and ends at July 15 of the next term. No application of the term will be accepted after the deadline.



Clubs/Areas/Divisions can purchase the badges for members in advance before they get the education level, but if the members do not get the award at the end of the term, then District will not reimburse for the members.  The confirmation of the member's educational achievement will be based on the information in the Toastmasters International website as below. For members who are not reimbursed in the term, if they achieve the awards at next term, then the badges can be reimbursed at next term.  Please  keep TI's receipt and attache it when making the new application of reimbursement at next term.
分會/分區/分部可預先替會員購買名牌,但是當屆若該會員並未實際獲得該教育榮銜,總會將不予補助,而各項教育榮銜達到與否以世界總會網站公佈為準 (以下連結可查閱)。若該未予補助的會員在下年度獲得該榮銜,則可於下年度再申請補助 (世界總會收據請先行保留,下個年度申請時仍須附上)